George, 20. Kent. I play rugby.

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my dealer is gonna kill me
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I got high last night, and woke with this on my table

This is much more beautiful than whatever it was supposed to look like.

What a save by Hunwick on the line. 

I love sports. Fuck. 

Anonymous said: What to do when having an inflammation of the Achilles tendon, both sides?

Might be a mobility thing. Make sure you’re stretching your calves and rolling them out also rolling the ball of your foot on a lacrosse ball will help loosen off the tightness.

Other than that, ice and rest up


Another win, 

worked so so hard though I’m absolutely fucking dead. Everything hurts, my eye is swelling, but oh so worth it.

I need a beer.


Let this image never die.
My cousin’s baby breaking my heart.

Like I need to buy pretty much an entire closet of new clothes for myself but I’ve literally not shopped for clothes apart from the odd t shirt/pair of jeans in literally well…. ever?! I don’t have a clue where to start. i’m not good at this